Networked Learning Project – Post #1

This week in CEP 810, we were instructed to choose something that we have always wanted to learn to do… and learn how to do it using ONLY YouTube and online help forums. My husband and I actually JUST looked on YouTube earlier this week for how to remove baseboards from a wall, because our basement flooded and we needed to tear out the walls and had no idea where to start. We found a video that was really helpful, and I was really proud of myself when I was able to remove the first baseboard all on my own. As fun as that was, I decided that for this assignment I would pick something a little more interesting to me… knitting! My mother-in-law made me a beautiful wrap last winter and I love it. It is a solid color with these huge buttons on one side, and it fits under virtually any of my winter coats. I think I should learn how to make a basic scarf before I go about adding buttons and fun details. I would like to knit a cream-colored scarf first, since that color can go with just about anything. It looks like the garter stitch is an easy pattern for beginners, so I will use that. My learning goal is to be able to make a regular scarf for myself (and hopefully save money by not continuing to buy scarves every time I see one that I like!).

To get started, I googled “learning to knit a scarf” and found a YouTube video for what the creator calls “super beginners” (that’s definitely me… check out the video here). By the 1:05 mark of watching, I realized I did not know a single thing about what yarn to use, needle size, “casting on”, or slipknots… so I really needed to find something that literally just walked me through the basics. I found a help forum on that I think will be helpful as a resource (check it out here). It looks like some posters recommend using the videos on the website, so I like that there are various ways to learn through one site.

I will be keeping you updated on my progress, and hopefully by the end of the project I will have a beautiful, warm, hand-made scarf that cost less to make than it does to purchase. WISH ME LUCK!

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