Getting organized… the Wunderlist way!

This week in CEP810, we learned about David Allen’s (2001) idea of “Getting Things Done” (GTD) – increasing productivity, without stress! We were introduced to some tech tools for GTD and asked to pick one to explore. I chose to explore an app called “Wunderlist” for creating to-do lists and setting reminders. I created lists for groceries, tasks around the house, to-do’s outside of the house, and school. I really liked that I could set specific dates/times for tasks to make sure that I complete them before they’re due. I also liked that you can move the list items around within the list (e.g., the grocery list items can be moved to reflect the order of Kroger’s aisles). A feature like that could be VERY helpful when attending a staff meeting and setting up the agenda – the items can be moved around to reflect the most successful order of completion. It took me a few days of using it before I realized I could set specific times for reminders – I thought I was limited to just the date, so I was really happy when I found out I could set a time, too! I didn’t find any constraints with using Wunderlist. It is helpful that you can share your lists with others – again, coming in handy when working with your grade-level team or staff around the school. You may not be in the same room, but you can view the same material and still collaborate. Overall, I am really pleased with Wunderlist. Check it out, and enjoy!



Reference: Allen, D. (2001). Getting things done: The art of stress-free productivity. New York: Penguin.


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