Calling all remixers!

I began the next course in my MAET journey this week – CEP811! I am so excited to be starting another class and to have the chance to further develop my educational technology knowledge. 🙂

We explored the concept of remixing this week, watching videos and reading online all about the remix culture and thinking about it in terms of our own learning. For our “create” activity, we created a remix using Mozilla Popcornmaker about one educational buzzword – I chose “lifelong learning”. We had to deliver the essence of the buzzword to our audience in one minute or less. Lifelong learning is something that I have always felt very strongly about; I think it is important for everyone to continue learning, even if they are not in a university or taking a class. I think we all have a personal responsibility to further our education, on our own terms and by our own means. The big thing about lifelong learning is that it is completely VOLUNTARY – no one is telling you what course to take or what to do. It is purely student-driven, and that definitely contributes to your level of engagement and motivation within the learning aspect.

I absolutely loved how creative I was able to be with this project and with Popcornmaker. I enjoyed seeking out media (video and images) that were protected by the Creative Commons – while it took me longer to find what I wanted to use, the fact that I was building on someone else’s idea along with my own was very empowering. Talk about furthering the power of education (and the idea(s) behind those buzzwords!). However, I was definitely frustrated when shortly before completion, I “previewed” my remix to see what it looked like full-screen and discovered my video clips wouldn’t work. After searching online, tweeting Mozilla, seeking out help from course instructors, and forcing myself to walk away from the laptop for a short amount of time… I discovered that the videos would work as long as I was using Firefox. That being said, if you wish to view my remix, try using Firefox first. I can’t guarantee what will happen with other web browsers – they may work, they may not. The video clips may delay their start, so sometimes they get cut off before they are finished. However, you can feel free to watch it multiple times to see if that makes any difference. 🙂

You can view my remix here. Enjoy!

(embedded link:


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