My second experience with EdCamp!

I am SO excited because tomorrow afternoon, I will be participating in my second ever EdCamp! I first attended one at West Bloomfield High School last school year with some of the staff from my building. It was an amazing experience getting to spend the whole day attending sessions and collaborating with educators from across Oakland County. I can’t wait to connect with some of my CEP811 colleagues tomorrow afternoon.

I am presenting on the B.Y.O.D. Initiative in schools. This involves students being able to bring devices to school for learning purposes. For some background, please check out my Prezi. At the end, you’ll find a screenshot of my references (the YouTube video that starts the presentation wouldn’t let me type the address without automatically changing into a video on the reference page) and a link to the GoogleDoc where all of the references are more accessible.

Happy EdCamp-ing!


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