Dyslexia and Raz-Kids

Dyslexia is a special learning need which is extremely complex. As teachers, we need to be prepared to teach students with dyslexia, but more importantly, we must make sure we are setting them up for success in the classroom. In a time when more and more teachers are evaluated based on their students’ reading scores, we must be sure that we are doing everything possible to help our most struggling readers. In my white paper on dyslexia and technology to support students with dyslexia, I found interesting research on brain imaging and the cause of dyslexia. I describe the differences in the white and grey matter of the brains of people with dyslexia and of people who do not have dyslexia. From there, I discuss an interesting article on how silent reading time may not be as beneficial for our students with dyslexia as we thought. Finally, I explain how Raz-Kids (a website and app) can effectively support students with dyslexia. I also include a screencast to show exactly how it works. Raz-Kids provides resources and options for students, but it also provides a monitoring piece for teachers – in this way, students are supported because teachers are able to monitor student progress. Any comments or questions are appreciated. References for my white paper are cited at the end of the paper.


(photo credit: Freeparking. (30 May 2007). Rosina Emmet Sherwood, girl reading 1888 [photo]. Retrieved from https://www.flickr.com/photos/freeparking/521525494/.)

Silent reading time may hurt, more than help, our students with dyslexia. It is our job as teachers to help these students progress as readers.


Freeparking. (30 May 2007). Rosina Emmet Sherwood, girl reading 1888 [photo]. Retrieved from https://www.flickr.com/photos/freeparking/521525494/.


3 thoughts on “Dyslexia and Raz-Kids

  1. Hi Whitney,

    Your thoughts on dyslexia informative and a good reference guide on the symptoms of Dyslexia. It is of utmost importance that educators are the #1 advocates for students with LDs. It seems you took the right direction with putting Dyslexia center stage as it affects struggling readers, especially in lower elementary. I found the statement about how students with dyslexia can become accurate readers, but not fluent, very interesting as I was not aware of this.

    My students love using RAZ-Kids not only for their interactive interface but to acquire stars to build new robots. I would think that students with Dyslexia would lack reading motivation and this would be a great assistive tool that would motivate and differentiate based on their reading level. I could also see students with Dyslexia benefitting from the recording portion of RAZ-Kids as it would build their confidence and motivation to read more difficult books.

    Your essay and screencast were well crafted on the subject of students with Dyslexia and how to assist them using a tech tool such as Raz-Kids. Great job!


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