Technology and Classroom Use – Survey, Data and Report

Technology is huge. More and more districts are putting technology into their classrooms, and into the hands of their teachers and students. Having the technology is great, but there’s more to it than simply having it. Are teachers set up for success in regards to integrating it into their classrooms? In a time when we are so quick to try out the newest gadgets, are we doing everything we can to be sure our teachers, and consequently our students, are even prepared to use what they already have?

To find out, I surveyed the third grade team at the elementary school where I currently teach in southeast Michigan. My colleagues and I are lucky enough to be in a 1:2 technology situation with six chromebooks and six tablets in each room, but I wondered what else could be done to help teachers feel more prepared for integrating technology in their classrooms. We have the technology, and we are integrating it, but we need to do more. How comfortable and confident are teachers with integrating technology, and how can their needs best be met? The best answers come from the mouths of the teachers themselves. My survey is available here. Check out the infographic of my survey data below, and click here to read my report analysis. Questions and comments are more than welcome, as well as any ideas YOU may have for integrating technology successfully!

Technoloy and Classroom Use (1)


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