Food Chains and Technology

Our final project for CEP800 is to design a lesson that uses technology holistically and dynamically. When it was time to choose a topic, I knew I wanted to focus on food chains. Having taught both second and third grades, I felt like I had a good understanding of the fact that food chains are addressed in both grades’ report card goals, but very minimally. I chose to focus on a lesson I would do with my third graders to help them to form a more developed and descriptive understanding of food chains.

I started by developing some essential questions that I wanted my students to be able to answer by the end of the lesson (mine is actually a three day lesson sequence). I then thought about how I wanted students to show this learning, and what technology to use to learn through and with. I chose to focus on a few technologies that all play a major role in shaping my students’ growth and development of food chains. My students will use google classroom, google docs, Educreations, and “The Food Chain Game”.

You can view my lesson plan here. Questions and comments are always welcome. Enjoy!


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